Oaks Pines Onsite Great Warley 3 17 August 2022

Brent Hall - Annexe Ground Floor Brickwork Begins

Brent Hall 'The Annexe Ground Floor Brickwork' has began and we can really start to envision the design spec process coming…

Oaks Pines Onsite Great Warley 04 August 2022

Oaks & Pines Ground Floor Slab Rebar Detailing

Oaks & Pines  This project is coming along great for Spatial Design Architects, 'Ground Floor Slab Rebar Detailing' is progressing on…

Oaks Pines Onsite Great Warley 12 July 2022

Brent Hall Main House starting to take shape

Brent Hall Main House starting to take shape The Annex garage Westok steel beams have now been installed ready for the…

PHOTO 2022 06 24 10 49 23 08 June 2022

Oaks & Pines - Basement walls have been poured

Oaks & Pines Plot 1 basement walls have been poured to just below ground level.

6 19 May 2022

Oaks & Pines Casting Walls

Casting Walls on Plot 1 for Oaks & Pines.

PHOTO 2022 04 19 16 54 24 19 April 2022

Oaks & Pines Basement Slab

Oaks & Pines The concrete blinding for the basement slab is now complete and the installation of the external basement waterproof…

Hero image Moreton bay apartments romford open plan living sustainability eco friendly award winning modern v2 15 April 2022

Moreton Bay Apartments Photo Ready

Moreton Bay Apartments How stunning does the photography look on these commercial apartments.

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Oaks & Pines Sump Chamber Construction

The sump chamber construction was challenging due to the water table level on site, groundwater pumps had to be temporarily…

Unknown 08 April 2022

Holly Lodge Complete!

Our project Holly Lodge in Brentwood is finally completed After all of Spatial Designs Architects hard work, everyone has worked so…

SDA HERO IMAGES v2 24 March 2022

Brent Hall Swimming Pool Shell

Brent Hall Swimming Pool Shell in full production. . .

SDA HERO IMAGES 22 March 2022

Moreton Bay Apartments Complete!

Really excited to say that Moreton Bay is finally complete after a few years hard work. . .

Screenshot 2022 03 08 at 17.24.16 07 March 2022

Oaks & Pines - Demolition of buildings ready for construction...

Demolition of former buildings ready for construction. . .

Screenshot 2022 03 08 at 17.22.06 01 March 2022

New Annex Basement Construction at Brent Hall - Brentwood

New annexe connected to existing Main House by single-storey glass link with basement underground carpark, Gym and indoor swimming pool…

4.Holly Lodge Hero Portfolio 2 14 April 2021

Holly Lodge, Warley is on site

Spatial Design Architects are well on the way  with this New Build Contemporary Home “Holly Lodge”.

Moreton Bay Underconstruction Romford Apartments Commercial 12 February 2021

'Moreton Bay Apartments' in the works

The New Flat Development in Romford has come a long way from demolition and a completion is looking to set…

Brent Hall Kennels Great Warley Underconstruction Onsite New Build Residential 08 February 2021

Brent Hall Annex and Main House demolition begins

Spatial Design Architects are on site with Brent Hall and demolition is well on the way.

2.Oaks and Pines Warley Hero In Progress 2 18 October 2020

Oaks & Pines Planning Approval

Spatial Design Architects are pleased to announce planning permission for these dual new build houses in Brentwood, Essex.